I used bristle paper to create a uniform, white backset. I also used a desk lamp to provide consistent lighting.


  • Introduce
  • Coffee aspect (personal touch from questions)
  • Music choice- “Three little birds” Bob Marley and the Wailers
    • Most positive song on list
    • Well-known and easy to dance to
    • Increases the fun, humorous mood of movie
  • Breakdown of movie
    • Quote speaks of functions being looked at only when broke at time, so I intentionally broke the movie to include it
  • Share link to Spotify

This is the character I made for myself. I used the complementary blue and orange combination for the clothes due to limited colors, and the orange suits the brown and tan of the skin/hair.




This is a practice claymation to work on my iMovie skills, as well as see how camera position, settings, and angles contribute to the final product.



The claymation uses black and white to color transformation to represent when design goes well. The dance movement flows and is loose, unburdened. The idea is that I am gifting my recipient good energy and hope during this quarantine. The characters are representative of me and him. Originally it would the replication of a hypothetical meeting; however, I decided since the gift is music, a dance party was more appropriate. Smooth texture and organic form promote a sense of leisure and freedom, while keeping the video clear to the viewer.

**Changes- I only used myself as the character and made the camera view that of the observer. It provides a first person experience.

One of my original ideas for the plotline.