Possible Reconstructed Objects

The reconstructed forms based off my three abstractions represent three possible objects: something a person can use, something that can support a person, or something that can contain at least two people. I attempted to create one of each abstraction into those categories to optimize my outcomes. The first column is derived from my bee abstraction. I decided to use the gum ball machine design as the sharp triangles generate a modern, mechanical appearance, interesting as a bee is alive and fuzzy. Creating an object that can support one person was the biggest challenge for me because it forced me to think about what is considered supporting. I examined how clothes, seats, and even an urn can support a person. I determined that my bath tub formed from the leafy plant best fit this theme. I believe the curves of the broken down leaves produce a serene, wave-like movement. My final abstraction became a gazebo. I made a gazebo out of both the leaves and the gourd; however, the gourd’s long, curved components made better for a layered roof.