Frog Eye Process

My initial interpretation the frog’s eye focused on it’s individual components. I decided to revise the triangular shapes within the eye, and place them in a more symmetric position. The triangles contrast the roundness of the concentric circles. As my ideas developed, I added more intricate triangles within the circle to create a fuller, more active design. Color was a major aspect in creating my final piece. I decided to follow a color scheme involving green, blue, and orange, based on my color explorations. I centered the orange/browns in order to have the eyes build through the green to the blues. I increased the contrast of colors from the second to last design as suggested during critique.

When developing my tile that was to be repeated, I focused on using the maximum amount of space, as my design is simple and not overwhelming. I initially consider using only a component of my original design to fill the center space; however, the curves that carve into the center circle created an unusual, diamond-like shape. It was to keep this new shape that caused me to choose to use the whole design. In addition, by laying my circles, I wanted to demonstrate a little bit of depth. I followed this action by evaluating color. The center to me was still back space, so I transitioned the design into different shades and tints of the blue that outlines the other circles.