Practice Still Lives

This was my first attempt at the still life practices. I chose my water bottle and toothpaste. I made way to sketchy of lines in this still life, and the top of the bottle’s angle is off.


A few quick sketches of what my final still life will be.
These are my other two practice still life. I applied the ideas from simple shapes exercise when making the pump of the hand sanitizer as I used circles to get an accurate curve.  

This is a more detail practice still life based on my. smaller sketches. I used triangulation to achieve accurate positioning and sizing. If I were to improve upon this exercise later on, I would add more details and more contrast with smoother shading.

For this still life drawing I flipped each item upside down in my head. This forced my brain to focus only on the shapes I could see, without the interference of my past ideas about a light bulb’s appearance.