Reflection #1: Academic

Education Abroad Expo

On September 4th, I attended an Education Abroad Expo held in the Ohio Union. As my choice of the scholars program, International Affairs, shows, I have an ardent passion in experiencing other cultures and traveling around the world. For that reason, I am already studying in America as an international student from South Korea. During the session, the instructor informed us with the plentiful opportunities that the Ohio State University offers to its students, especially us, the International Affairs scholars. After I audited the session, I have grown more and more interest in studying outside of the United States, such as other Asian countries or Europe. Not only limited to the education that those universities abroad can provide, but I also want to live and interact with the locals, not just passing by a few days of my life.

The more countries I live, the more diverse my experience will be. Therefore, I can widen my perspective. I love meeting new people, but I often experience a hard time approaching a stranger. I came to the United States for the first time, and I know no one in Ohio. Thus, every people I met here were total strangers. I challenged myself to walk outside of my comfort zone and talk to the locals. If I study abroad, the country other than the United States, I would repeat the same process, meeting new people and getting out of my comfort zone; this resembles the objectives of International Affairs. Although it is still hard to interact with people that think differently from I do, I would be able to mature academically and personally.

I personally have wanted to study in either European countries or China. I major in Psychology in the Ohio State University right now, and I have been interested in my major since I was in high school. Psychology is an attractive discipline. It is a study of the human brain, behavior, and mind. I have always been curious about myself and people around me: how every people act and think differently. One study shows that Western people tend to look at a person’s eyes and mouth more than Eastern people do. As such findings present, the culture that people grow has a huge impact on their behaviors. For such reason, I wish to visit as many countries as possible. After I graduate, I even wish to work for the United Nations, so I can travel around the world to confront the issues arising in different cultures.

For now, I am uncertain of which field of job I would work for, but I am thinking about taking a business minor or even a double major. If I do so, I would work on the business marketing team; if not, psychology counselor, as I initially wanted to be.

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