Columbus To-Do List #2

People on my floor and I decided to take a stressful night away from school to visit a local cafe called Coffee Underground. Coffee underground is very cozy and nifty which makes the environment very comfortable. This is an area where I can easily see myself studying or coming with friends to enjoy coffee and just relax. There is also space for people to perform live music which is a great getaway from the busy campus. I did not get anything but as the name of establishment states is known for their coffee. Having this spacious venue/cafe so close to campus is definitely a hidden gem. Other things I noticed were the decorations. Their decorations remind me of a tea place back in my home town Detroit. They also have games that their customers can play. Overall the vibe of this place is definitely a nice establishment that is not only close to campus but a great way to clear your mind and just enjoy some coffee by either yourself or with others.


Columbus To-Do List #1 Reflection

My group and I went to Kafé Kerouac for the on the 30thof October. Although we had to go separate from the group due to restricting schedules we discussed in our group chat and results were similar. It is located near Old North Columbus and is across from my favorite cookie spot, Insomnia Cookies. The café was very cozy and old-fashioned. There was a historical theme to the environment and made people feel welcomed.I enjoyed their products such as their bagels. I got an “Everything Bagel” and a plain for later. After consuming both, I can come to a conclusion that their comfort food is very good and my favorite part of the experience. Although I didn’t order a coffee, people have told me that they are most famous for their coffee so next time it should be my priority. Other groups that recommend the spot in the first place, always mentioned their outstanding coffee. Due to its, cozy nature and peacefulness, I would definitely recommend it to a friend for conversations or homework.


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My culture is very important to me. Being Korean is one the last things in my life that will always be consistent no matter what. Going out of state, I left everything that was once familiar. Now in a new state, with entirely new people and atmosphere, I find it difficult to find things that are recognizable. Having conversations with my parents over the phone in Korean reminds me of home in which everything doesn’t seem so distant. This connection sometimes drives busy days and keeps me happy. Although it is subtle, my Korean culture is important as it always gives me a identity no matter where I go.


Artifact #2

The next component of my life that is very important to me is music. Listening to music is one of my favorite past-times and really allows me to leave all stress behind me so I can enjoy whats inferno of me at that very moment. I use it when I study, workout, and even when walking to and from classes. This aspect of everyday life is non replaceable with anything else due to the mere joy it brings me. With all the different genres and artists, I will never be bored of music. From genres such as jazz to hiphop, my choices are unlimited, catering to what I specifically need/want that day, that moment. Most people I know can vouch and say they’ve seen me with my headphones in with all times jamming away in my own world. One of my favorite artists displayed in the picture above is J.Cole, a hip-hop artist. Artists such as these not only help me reduce stress but inspire me through their music and influence in today’s world.

About Me

My name is Jamie Kim and I’m from Troy, Michigan which is near Detroit. I am currently a freshman at the Ohio State University pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Some aspirations I have for after college are to receive a masters in Business Administration along with a bachelors in mechanical engineering and moving somewhere near the coast such as Seattle or San Francisco. While in college, I enjoy going to football games on the weekends and exploring Columbus once in a while. I like subjects such as math and science especially the side of group work that require collaboration such as labs. Outside of school, I enjoy going to lakes near where I live and playing volleyball with friends. My main pastime is to watch football and basketball such as the NBA and NFL. Although I live in Ohio for the time being, my favorite teams are still the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Lions. However, I am a Buckeyes fan even though I’m from Michigan. I also like traveling outside of the United States. A unique thing about me is that people believe I am the doppelgänger for a famous rapper named rich Brian especially when I wear sunglasses.

My Top Strengths:

  1. Includer
  2. Analytical
  3. Adaptability
  4. Discipline
  5. Focus

My strengths all exemplify skills that are needed to work well in groups. While obviously my first strength, includer, very much portrays that, my other four strengths such as adaptability and focus are essential in group activities. It is easy to divert from the purpose of group work so having skills such as these really help me shine in group projects and discussions.

Year in Review

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