Final Reflection Blog Post

When I first registered ES EPSY 1159, I hoped to learn a variety of technologies and resources and a way to effectively use them. I am glad that I was able to learn more than I expected. Not only I learned new resources such as Google calendar, but also I had a chance to learn more about myself by taking time management self-assessment and procrastination assessment.

I had a chance to take time management self-assessment and procrastination assessment twice. It gave me the opportunity to analyze my time management skills and whether I am a procrastinator. Although I did not find a serious problem, I still found a room to improve. For example, I started to bring study materials to my company and study during lunch break. This was the most meaningful experience because I never had a chance to analyze my schedule and seriously thought about improving my schedule. After this module, I improved my time management skill which will help me a lot in next semester.

Before I took this class, I was already used to making my own schedule. However, I always draw a calendar on a scratch paper. Even though my calendar has kept me on time for most times, I sometimes missed deadline or forgot submitting assignments when I was too busy. And then, I learned about Google calendar. Most of times I used Google for searching, so I did not know that Google offers many different services such as Google calendar, Google docs, and Google sheets. A good thing about Google calendar is that it would remind me my appointment, which I would had missed if I just wrote down on my paper calendar. Another good thing about Google calendar is that I can easily analyze my past schedule and see where I wasted my time. Even if I use Google calendar, I can still miss my appointment if I do not use my computer on that day.

Google docs, Google sheets, and Google slides are also very useful software. Not only those are free, but also those can be shared with others. Whenever I do a group assignment, my group members and I always exchanged our revised files through email. However, I sometimes found that we submitted not the most updated version. In addition, if I have used Google sheets and shared with my group members, I did not have to keep reminding my group members whether they revised it, and I could save a lot of my time.

E-Learning Companion is also a useful textbook because it taught me how to effectively use online tool to enhance my studying. Web-enhanced listening and viewing strategies and searching and researching modules are also very helpful for me. Even though I already get used to web based listening and viewing as I took IBT TOEFL, it was good for me to review and learn other strategies. Searching and researching module also taught me how to find the quality information in a short time. It will save my time for next semester.

I will continue to use new sources and skills that I learned from this class so that I will get used to them. I am confident that I will do better in next semester. I highly recommend this course for incoming college students and current students. Even though they might believe that they are already experts in this, they do not know everything. If taking this course, students will learn a lot of good resources and themselves.

Module 6 Blog Post

Even though students can take advantage of enormous amount of information available on the Internet, they can also waste their time searching for right information. Since I was a freshman, I have realized that colleges begin to adopt more the Internet based learning, so it would be good for college students to learn how to effectively search for what they need. Thompson library has librarians who are expert in searching information. If you are a student at the Ohio State University, you can view many different articles for free. I was not comfortable searching for a specific article for my class, but a librarian not only helped me find it but also taught me how to find a specific article effectively in the future. If you are not comfortable like me, it is good to visit a library and ask for help.

The book, E-Learning Companion, gives a lot of advices for this matter. According to the book, students should contact the instructor during the first week of classes if they cannot find proper information on syllabus. If an instructor uses new online resource, students need to familiarize with it. Even though I have never purchased and used a smartphone, I see many college students use apps to enhance studying. E-Learning Companion encourages students to try new apps because new apps come out every day.

As people can post their thought on website, it is important for students to find the quality and accurate information. E-Learning Companion encourages students to check dates, grammar, spelling, and support. Students want to use the latest information as information updated periodically. If experts post on website, they tend not to make a lot of grammar mistake or spelling errors, so students want to pay attention to authors’ writing skills. Finally, experts bring additional resources such as journals or books to make their argument or information more valid. Even a popular author, who is a prominent professor at a college, provides adequate support from additional resources.

Module 5 Blog Post

I already get used to web based listening and viewing before I came to the Ohio State University. Just like other international students, I also had to take IBT TOEFL, Internet based English test for non-native speakers. Since the test basically gives people a long academic lecture and gives multiple-choice questions at the end of the lecture, it tests not only whether students understand the lecture, but also whether they can effectively take a note. I practiced a lot to effectively summarize my note while listening to a lecture.

I also proactively used Khan Academy that gives lectures on a variety of subjects. Sometimes this website was more useful than my high school because the lecturer explained from the very basic. There are many other good resources other than Khan Academy. If students are interested in global issue, they can check out CNN. If students are interested in stock market, especially in the United States, they can check out Yahoo Finance.

Even though web based lectures give us a lot of opportunities, I am really concern about health problem. Since I have used computers, my eyesight is getting worse. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, also distract students from studying. If students tend to open multiple social media while studying, they are more than likely check their web site whenever they hear sound from social media.

Module 4 Blog Post

As college tuition increases, many of college students consider textbooks as burden. Therefore, the student begins to buy e-textbooks, which is much cheaper than paper textbooks. Even though I have purchased e-books to save my money, I still print them out because I cannot concentrate on reading on a computer monitor. The book, E-Learning Companion, introduces a variety of suggestions to succeed in online readings. Out of many different suggestions, I found creating a good reading environment before the student read, using SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review) while reading, and reviewing notes very helpful. I also followed these study strategies and found it helpful.

College students will also find that professors will use a variety of technologies or websites to encourage students to express their ideas. In order to succeed in this new learning environment, it is important for college students to clarify their goals with SMART, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. The book, E-Learning Companion, introduces four different types of learning style, and I find visual learning the most helpful. When I first read a textbook or even syllabus, I often highlight on PDF. This really saves my time because I can only read that specific highlighted part. It is also important for students to avoid plagiarism. As we all can find new information through the Internet, some people forget to cite or to give others credit when they borrow others’ ideas. This is a serious problem nowadays; therefore, all college students will find separate academic misconduct section on syllabus. In conclusion, students should also learn how to properly borrow others’ ideas when they submit assignments.

Educational Videos




This video explains the basics of U.S. income tax rate schedule that will be helpful for all students who will potentially file an income tax once they secure a job. The YouYube poster explains the complex tax concept in an easier way by drawing.

Module 3 Blog Post

As technology develops, students enjoy a variety of methods to communicate with other people. Some students, however, may hurt others if they can express their ideas anonymously or do not know how to communicate with others on online. Once students get into a college, they will have a lot of opportunity to interact with peers on a website; therefore, learning how to develop positive online relationships with other students is very important.

According to E-Learning Companion, taking a few minutes to check the spelling and grammar or personalize emails before the student email to peers will help them make the right first impression. The book also suggests the student not to use all capitalized words because it sounds like shouting to peers.

The book, E-Learning Companion, also tells the student how to behave professionally in college online courses. For example, the student need to offer and accept constructive peer feedback and keep information shared by peers confidential.

For the last three years of my college life, I barely had a chance to interact with peers on online real-time chats. Even though I personally did not have a chance, it might be good for incoming college students to know how to effectively communicate with peers or professors. Out of many different E-Learning Companion’s suggestions, important advices are to prepare a list of questions and to arrive to the chat area at least five minutes before.

If the student follow above suggestions, they will give a good impression to both professors and peers.