The way Congress is structured in regards to the House of Representatives is not proportionally fair to citizens located in areas such as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. In addition, given the current way that the House of Representatives is set up, it gives states such as Wyoming more representation than states such as Montana, even tho Montana has more citizens. One of the few ways to make this system more fair in my opinion would be to go redistribute the number of representatives based on the number of citizens accounted for in each state and or territory that is controlled by the United States. By redistributing the number of representatives in each area, Congress would then account for not only American states, but also territories, giving those citizens a say in what happens in their government. Accounting for the American citizens that live in those territories is not only fair, but it is necessary.
In addition, another way to incorporate this policy at a faster rate would be to shorten the length of a representatives’ term in the House. This would then give the representatives more incentive to be active and serve on behalf of their state of territory. Now, in regards to accuracy, one way to guarantee that there is fairness in the system would be to make the census done every five years so there is an updated record of the number of citizens in each state. Since this is an expensive task, one way to provide funding would be to take a small portion from the defense budget. Since this is already a very large budget, taking a small portion to provide for an accurate census and thus representation should not be too much of an issue.
In conclusion, the current state of the House of Representatives is not acceptable in today’s society. Millions or more Americans that are legally registered as citizens, do not have a say in the government, which is not fair. Furthermore, states that already have representation, are not represented accurately based on their population. A redistribution of representatives to not only states based on a census done more frequently, but also to territories would make this system more fair, while shorter terms for representatives would give them the incentive to be more active and serve on behalf of their state or territory.

Brianna Bergenstein is a bubbly, creative, and reliable individual. She is from Westlake, Cleveland and majoring in psychology and communication with a minor in environmental science. Some of her hobbies consist of painting and hanging out with friends. At Ohio State, Brianna has met some of her best friends and found a scholars’ program that has allowed her to be passionate about politics and law. In addition, the scholars program of Politics, Society, and Law has allowed Brianna to figure out now whether or not she would want to pursue law school beyond college. Over the past year, some of Brianna’s most memorable moments have been made at the football games. One piece of advice Brianna has for underclassmen is “To always try new things”. This piece of advice goes hand in hand with her personal goal to go outside her comfort zone by trying new things.


Global Awareness: My goal is to meet new people at the Ohio State University which will allow me to be introduced to different cultures and ultimately broaden my horizons in regards to the world we live in.

Original Inquiry: At Ohio State I hope to learn new things about the media and communication industry, and how it has shaped the world around us. In addition, I hope to apply these things to not only my classes, but also my daily life.

Academic Enrichment: In terms of academic enrichment, I want to stay on top of my school work for the time being. In the future I hope to use the time management skills I have developed to stay on top of everything, so I can begin furthering my knowledge in a research oriented field.

Leadership Development: For my first year at Ohio State I hope to start out by just learning the ropes of how things work so I will be prepared about opportunities in the future. However, in the years to come I hope to be a leader on campus whether that be running a club or becoming an RA.

Service Engagement: Right now, I plan to start small but advocating my opinion in discussions that involve women’s rights, immigration, and mental health. However, eventually I hope to advocate on a bigger level for these three issues.

About Me

My name is Mary Kidwell and my intended major is journalism with a pre-law track. Some of my academic interests include research, writing, and investigative work. Some of my goals in college are studying abroad, meeting new people, and making the best out of my four years at Ohio State by being more open and taking advantage of new opportunities. Some things that make me unique are that I have a brother with cerebral palsy, I love being active whether that be working out or meeting new people, and my senior year of high school I qualified for the state meet in cross country, swimming, and track.