Labeling your flowchart and code

Please use labels as instructed in the screencasts and lessons. Labels like, if_break, cond_label, for_break etc. It makes code easier to read for everyone else. Use the same labels in your flowchart and code. If you work in a company they will have strict coding rules for implementation and labeling etc. You can not just write any code and expect others to understand the hidden logic in your code.

About Midterm1

i) You should always start with a flow chart, as explained in the screencasts. Then make a one-to-one correspondence with assembly language from the flow chart to write your final code. It is much easier to debug a flow chart then looking at lines of code. If you have a question regarding the logic of your program then send us your flow chart, not assembly code.

ii) The midterm statement says: Use a single for loop (alternate implementation, page 15, lesson 11) and a single if statement (alternate implementation, page 9, lesson 11). Follow these instructions, otherwise you will lose a lot of points. One of the aim of this midterm is to see if you can implement alternate implements of the for loop and the if statement.

Good Day, Klueless Khans!

Please start working on your MT1 and don’t wait till Saturday or Sunday! Debugging takes a lot of time and multiple email messages. Mostly it leads to meeting Han during Zoom office hours. So plan ahead! You can ask non-debugging type of questions any time, but plan ahead with your debugging issues and resolve those issues during the week when we are able to help

Important Notice about Quiz02

It was announced on the first day of class that you should buy the Launchpad and install CCS. It was also covered in many screencasts. You should have been practicing CCS as the class was going on and emailing me or the TAs if you had any problems during the week (not on weekends please). Yet many of you bought the Launchpad and installed CCS at the last moment and many of you are having problems. There are 150 students in this class. I and the TAs are being overwhelmed by emails by students on a weekend on the last day of quiz submission. Each debugging session takes roughly five to ten emails before the problem is resolved by email. So unless you have a really good excuse for being so late in doing your stuff please stop emailing us and set up a Zoom meeting with Han next week, and then submit your quiz02 late for a 20% penalty. Thanks!