No Screencast for Friday, Feb. 21

The university had double booked our classroom for another exam by mistake, so we had to cancel our Friday class to let the other exam proceed. We are ahead in lectures anyway so this cancellation does not affect us negatively in any way.

No class on Wednesday, Feb. 26

There will be no lecture on Wednesday, Feb. 6. We are ahead in lessons since we don’t have in class quizzes and exams which take class time.

Code Composer Studio is working in DL517

Yujia has confirmed that CCS is working with our launchpad in DL517 computer lab. If you have not been able to run CCS on your computer even after meeting with Yujia then please use the computers is DL517. Yujia saw a problem with CCS in the CL260 computer lab. It might be fixed by now, but to be on the safe side, use DL517.

CCS in Computer Labs

If your computer can not run CCS properly, even after you have met with your GTA to debug the problem, then one solution is to use CCS in the computer lab located on the 2nd floor of Caldwell Lab. Their version may be different from the one we are using, but it shroud not matter for our assignments.

Your TA’s Office Hours

Class TA: Yujia Zhang
Tuesdays 2:30-3:30pm, Dreese Lab 331
Fridays1:30-2:30pm, Dreese Lab 331