Final submission instructions

1.Save your pseudo code (subroutine only), flow charts(subroutine only), screenshot of the memory browser showing variable “result”, complete assembly code(main program + subroutine) in JPG, DOC or PDF file format, also attach the ASM file for verification purpose
2. Go to the Carmen ECE2560 course website
3. Click on “Assignments” and then “Final”
4. Choose “Submit Assignment”
5. Upload your solution using “File upload” (do not upload to “Buckeyebox”)

Final Exam has been posted

Submit the pseudo code of the subroutine, flow charts of the subroutine, screenshot of the memory browser showing variable result and complete assembly code (main program + subroutine)

How to get 2% extra added to your grade

If you come to class on Wednesday April 19 then you will get an extra 2% added to your grade. Please bring your charged laptops to fill out the SEIs and department ABET forms in class. Attendance will be taken.