ECE2020 Au 2021 HWs

Due Date: Sunday, Sept. 12. 11:59pm

Instructions on how to upload assignments on Carmen

Older ECE2060 Homeworks from an earlier semester

ECE2060 Spring 2019 Homeworks

The GTA who grades your assignments is based on the starting letter of your last name:
Your Last Name (A – J), GTA: Abouzeid Mohamed
Your Last Name: (K – Q), GTA: Tae Young Kim
Your Last Name: (R – Z), GTA: Li, Jiantong
Check out the syllabus for office numbers, office hours and email addresses
You can go to any GTA during his office hours to ask questions, not just the GTA who grades your assignments

Turn in the HWs at the class entrance (not inside the class). There will be a table manned by the GTAs by one of the entrance doors. They will make sure that you place your HW in the appropriate pile based on your last name. They will be there during the duration of the class and will leave when the class is over.

HW1 (Due date: Mon. Jan. 28)
HW2 (Due date: Mon. Feb. 11)
HW3 (No need to turn in this HW, everyone gets free credit. Sols will be posted in a few days)
HW4 (Due date: Fri. March 8)
HW5  (Due date: Monday April 8)
HW6 (Due date: Monday April 15)
HW7 (This HW will not be graded, no need to turn it in)