Include “ECE2060” in the title of your emails

I teach multiple classes, so please include “ECE2060” in the title of your emails. I am ending up doing searches through multiple huge databases just to figure out which class the student who sent me the email is enrolled in. I have 600+ students in the classes I am teaching; that results in a huge amount of emails.

HW1 has been posted

Due Date: Sunday, Feb. 13. 11:59pm

Questions regarding the HW should be asked during office hours. With a class size of 450+ students, unfortunately it will not be possible for me to answer HW related questions. Please make use of the office hours (in person as well as Zoom). You may also email your TAs to ask simple HW questions. List of TAs is posted on this site. Important: Don’t select the first TA in the list, select a TA at random when you ask a question so that the load is more balanced on the TAs. Go to the office hours for questions that will require a lengthy explanation or a discussion spread over multiple emails, we don’t have the email bandwidth for that. Thanks!