Posted Grades

Grades have been posted based on the following weights (according to our syllabus):
Lab: 20%, HW: 20%, MT1: 15%, MT2: 20%, Final 25%

Please calculate your average to confirm your Letter grade.
93+ A
90+ A-
87+ B+
83+ B
80+ B-
77+ C+
73+ C
70+ C-
67+ D+
60+ D
0+ E
Note: Don’t look at averages reported by Carmen, calculate your own average. Carmen calculates averages based on its own internal weights which are not necessarily compatible with the ones in our syllabus. In this course Camen was used only to report the grades of the assignments. The correct percentages are the ones in the syllabus.

Screencast26 is online

The last part of the screencast was lost. That missing part was solving a problem outside the material of this class and not related to the Final.

Final is online

Due Date: Sunday, Dec. 12. 11:59pm
Posted it early to give you more flexibility, if you are already done with HW7.

Extra Office Hour

I will have an extra 2:15 pm-3:15 pm office hour after the class on Dec. 7 (Tuesday)

Recall that I we have a scheduled 2:15 pm-3:15 pm office hour after the calls tomorrow (Dec. 2)

Note: During these office hours I will start answering questions at the end of the class and I will leave after students have stopped asking questions. So, if you have a question then come to class or be there at the start of the office hour.