Answering MT1 related questions

Please bring your MT1 related questions to our class this Tuesday (Oct. 5). I will also stay in class on Tuesday to answer more questions. I will be in class until students keep on asking me questions, or until 3:00 pm when the next class comes in. I will also have my normal Thursday office hour after class so that is another opportunity to ask questions. Remember that the class GTA also has an office hour and a zoom hour. Don’t start your MT shortly before the deadline, because email questions during the weekend might not be answered.  Besides, it is very difficult to ‘debug’ circuits via. email; it takes a few minutes to show a mistake in-person compared with 5 or 8 emails typically required to show mistakes and give hints via. emails. Also, when you ask a question in class/office-hours the rest of the students present in the class can also benefit from that question.  In short, don’t rely on questions being answered during the weekend.

The MT sill be posted over the weekend.