Teaching schedule for 2020

The rumor that I will not be teaching in 2020 is just a rumor 🙂  I will be teaching ECE 2560 in Au. 19, and ECE 2060 in Sp. 20. At least this is the current plan made by the ECE department.

Thanks to the excellent suggestions made by the Khan Artists, I have a nice set of names all ready and waiting for these classes, lol! Offblast!

Khan Artists! Letter grades have been posted

The final average was very high, 92%. The following cutoffs were used (I rounded up your averages):

94  (A), 90  (A-), 87  (B+), 83  (B), 80  (B-), 77 (C+), 73 (C), 70 (C-), 67 (D+), 60 (D), Below 60 (E)

Have a great summer!

Off Blast!