ECE2020 MT1 conflicts

According to the syllabus students who have conflicts with MT1 should let me me one week before the exam day. So today is the last day to inform me about conflicts with MT1. I will extend this deadline by two days. Let me know by this weekend before midnight this Sunday, Sept. 30, if you have a conflict. In your email give me some details, like a link to the course syllabus of the conflicting class, name of the professor, professor’s email etc.

ECE2020, Prof. Benjamin Coifman recitation students:

Here is a message form Prof. Coifman: “On Th 10/4 I need to reschedule my office hours due to a conflicting meeting that I must attend. I will have my office hours 1:30-2:30 (one hour earlier than usual)that day and that day only”