MT2 Info

MT2 will have three problems
MT2 is Open Book Open Notes: You can bring your book as well as any type of notes, including your own notes and printed lessons. No restriction on the number of pages
Calculators are allowed
Closed Technology: You may not use laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Material Covered:
Lessons: From Lesson12 to Lesson 19 (skip the lessons not covered in the screencasts)
Screencasts: From the 21:40 mark in Screencast15 to 26.51 mark in Screencast24

No need to Return HW4, everyone gets 100%, Have a great Spring Break!

I have gotten a lot of emails requesting if HW4 could be dropped off earlier than Friday since most of the students will be headed for the Spring Break on Friday and will not be on campus. Since we are dealing with 300+ students and also two different types of students (lecture and online), it is almost impossible to change the HW drop off scheme without causing confusion. The only thing I can do is the following: All students will get a full grade of 100% on HW4, it will not be graded, you need not return it for grading. I will post the solutions after Friday, however I recommend that you do the HW yourself before looking at the solutions to prepare yourself for MT2. Have a great Spring Break!