Final Exam Info

Final will have four problems. One from MT1 material, one from MT2 material and two from material covered after MT2.

Final is Open Book Open Notes: You can bring your book as well as any type of notes, including your own notes and printed lessons. No restriction on the number of pages

Calculators are not allowed

Closed Technology: You may not use laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Material Covered:

Material covered in MT1

Material Covered in MT2

Following material covered after MT2:

Lessons: From Lesson 20 to Lesson 28 (lessons 16 and 17 are not covered)

Screencasts: From Screencast24 to Screencast33

Forms to fill in class on Monday, April 23

Here is the link to the online  ECE form you will be filling in class on Monday, April 23. You will also be filling the regular online  SEI form on Monday. You may fill the forms earlier and come to class to get the 2 points extra credit. Attendance will be taken on Monday.

The ECE form is a brief course evaluation (only two sets of questions) being administered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to evaluate the quality of our COURSES, independently of the evaluations of the instructors. These results go to the department committees that decide on curricular issues. Please try to answer about the course itself and the way in which it was taught when you took it, as opposed to how well it was taught.  (Comments about the instructor should be made on the electronic Student Evaluations of Instruction, which are administered by the Registrar’s office.) Thank you in advance for your valuable input.

ECE 2060 Spring 2018 survey

HW7 has been turned into “practice HW”

No need to turn it in. It will not be considered a HW as far as grading is concerned. Solutions will be posted. Many students contacted me saying that they were preparing for the final exams and could not turn the HW in on time.