Class participation emails deadline extended

Only half the class out of 440 students has sent me emails about class participation. I am extending the deadline for these emails to Tuesday, Jan. 18, midnight. If you do not send me an email by Jan 18, midnight, then please do not send me emails explaining why you missed the deadline. I don’t have the bandwidth to go through 220 emails and reasons for missing the deadline. If you are participating in the class, then you are coming to class or at least you are visiting our class website and watching the screencasts and messages, therefore you know that you have to send me a participation email. If you don’t send me a participation email then it means that you are not coming to class or not even visiting the class website, therefore you are not participating in the class.

Required email for class participation

This message is for all students in the class.

Please send me an email (before the end of this weekend) with the following in the subject field:

ECE2060, Your Last Name, Your First Name

In the body of the email write something similar to: “I have participated in the class during the first week of the class

Do not write anything else in the body of the email. I will not read it, I will simply drag it into a folder to keep it as a record.

Class Cancelled Today! 1/12/2022

Because of some unavoidable reasons I will not be able to make it to class in time, so I am cancelling today’s class. It would be great if some of you could to to the lecture room and make this announcement to others who may not have read this message in time.

Message from Prof. Chapman regarding the Labs

Please note that ECE 2060 Laboratories will not begin until the week of February 14th.  Although you have separate Carmen sites for your lab section., the Carmen staff has not provided the necessary access to set up those sites at this time.  You may review the lab material and syllabus on the ECE 2060 lab website at

Best Regards – Dr. Gregg Chapman

Welcome to ECE2060 Sp2022

ECE2060 students! Welcome to the the Spring 2022 Semester!
The website is now up to date! See you in class! Navigation of this website will be described in the class.

Posted Grades

Grades have been posted based on the following weights (according to our syllabus):
Lab: 20%, HW: 20%, MT1: 15%, MT2: 20%, Final 25%

Please calculate your average to confirm your Letter grade.
93+ A
90+ A-
87+ B+
83+ B
80+ B-
77+ C+
73+ C
70+ C-
67+ D+
60+ D
0+ E
Note: Don’t look at averages reported by Carmen, calculate your own average. Carmen calculates averages based on its own internal weights which are not necessarily compatible with the ones in our syllabus. In this course Camen was used only to report the grades of the assignments. The correct percentages are the ones in the syllabus.