Next podcast: “The Ottoman Origins of the Modern Middle East” w Prof. Jane Hathaway

Join us for our next podcast live stream on Wednesday, May 5th – now May 12th! – at 10:00 am ET on our Facebook site. We will be speaking with Professor Jane Hathaway about the Ottoman origins of the modern Middle East. We might touch on several topics, including political developments, and the social, cultural, and economic processes that helped form what is now known as the Middle East. Dr. Hathaway will deconstruct a lot of the most common assumptions about the nations, peoples, and cultural communities that make up the modern nation-states of the region and bring out their richness and diversity. She will also illuminate the complex nature of the historical Ottoman “state.”

If you would like some materials to listen to or read beforehand, we recommend the following. Professor Hathaway and her students discuss the Middle East in this Origin’s podcast from 2015:

Her book Arab Lands Under Ottoman Rule is a comprehensive source on the subject of the Ottoman origins of the Middle East, with an emphasis on the Arabic-speaking communities and territories under Ottoman rule.


Cover of Arab Lands Under Ottoman Rule

Arab Lands Under Ottoman Rule by Professor Jane Hathaway, History Department, Ohio State University


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