week 5

The most useful thing I learned this week is about how to take notes. Taking notes is very important not only for school lecture but also very needed for your job. The capacity of our brain is never enough so that we need notes to help us to remember and memorize the materials. Taking notes in class is also needed all the time. The way I take notes is not good enough. It’s hard for me to follow up the professor while taking detail notes since English is not my first language. However, I learned many way which can help me to improve it. Sometime it’s harder to take note when the teacher speaks quickly. Using simplified words or symbols are very useful for note taking. In this way, you can follow the instructor while taking notes. And this is efficient not only when you are in class. It could also be useful when you taking a language test which requires listening. So, I want to improve this more in the future. I suggest you guys to form a good habit of note taking since it can enhance your study and make your life easier. And if you are interested in this, you can access to the link below to check more way of improving your notes.

Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies

After this week’s learning, The most useful thing I learned is about how to read on electronic devices and the importance of avoiding multitasking. This week’s lecture mentioned the importance of reading. As I spent more and more time using electronic devices, I found it harder to read. Sometimes I got distracted and failed to read. However, the lecture talked about highlighting and writing down important or confused part for better learning result which I think it’s very reasonable and worth trying. Multitasking is one thing that I already try to prevent from. I always struggle with this. I currently try to force myself not checking the social media while studying. sometimes I put my phone to somewhere I can’t see. I think this is helpful for me to do less multitasking. I still need to work on my reading. Many of my courses required me to read some pages or some articles each week. And specially its online classes now, I feel overwhelmed with so many readings. I think I need to prepare earlier each week and squeeze more time to finish reading. The advice I have for this week is that I think we all need to read more no matter is required by a class or some book that you interested in. Reading is very healthy for us and we can always learn so many things through reading.

Being a Better Online Reader (Links to an external site.)

Efficiency in the Digital Age

This week mainly focus on how to work more efficient in study. Procrastination is a serious problem for me all the time. This semester is very unproductive for me since I taking the online classes in different time zone. And sometime I need to stay up late for some courses which make my routine totally disrupted. So, it’s very hard for me to make plan. And it’s hard for me to stick to certain plan since I need to work with time lag. Sometimes I slept early but sometime I don’t. So, procrastination is always a trouble for me. This week’s material let me realized that there are more reason caused procrastination. one of the most important reasons is because I don’t understand or familiar with the content. So, I always stuck with the assignment which is time-consuming. After this week’s material, I know how to figure out why I am procrastination and how to solve certain problem. And I strongly encourage you guys to work on specific reason of why you procrastinate. This week, I had a paper that I feel stressful about it. Then, I asked myself why I procrastinate this paper. Then, I realized that it’s because I don’t know to develop a thesis for this paper so that I stuck on this. After go over previous recording of lecture, I spent very less time to finish the paper. Overall, there are many reasons lead to procrastination. The best way to solve this problem is to find out the root of cause first.

Communicating and Collaborating

In module 2, the most helpful thing I learned in this week is about goal setting. I used to think that I did fine in goal setting which is actually wrong. In the past, I only listed things that I needed to do in a day without pressuring myself. I didn’t set time or the order to finish the assignments which was not efficient and result in spending more unnecessary time to finish it. through this week’s study, I want to develop the habit to set goals for my works. I think that improving my goal setting can help me to finish the works more efficient since I can manage my time properly so that I can finish tasks on time. And I also learned the importance  of online communication with classmates and professors. Especially for discussion post on carmen, I think it’s a really good tool for use to practice and utilize what we learn. For many of my major courses, it required discussion post weekly. I think most people are familiar with this. It really helps me to reinforce the knowledge and learn from different perspectives. I suggest you guys to take discussion posts seriously and seem it as a tool to learn more instead of just a assignment to complete with.

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