Brainstorming and Concept Selection

In order to complete a successful Brainstorming process, the group first took time to individually generate solution concepts. After aiming to come up with around 10 ideas per person, the team met to discuss the concepts. Each idea was talked through and explained by the team member that generated it in order for the team to understand and analyze every idea that was presented.

Once each idea was discussed, each team member picked 2 ideas that they were most interested in. These ideas were moved to the beginning of our PowerPoint presentation to sort them away from the others. With these 7 concepts left (1 idea was chosen by two people), the team more thoroughly discussed these ideas to determine which solution was the best given the constraints and problems that we discovered. Eventually, the team chose the “Coffee Ravioli” concept, as there was a consensus in the group that this was the most interesting idea and it also fit within all of our main constraints.

The PowerPoint Presentation with all of our concepts as well as our 7 “favorites” that we chose from can be found here: Brainstorming Ideas

The initial visual of the “Coffee Ravioli” can be found below: