Interview of a Keurig User

User Interview Keurig

The process of making Coffee using the K-Cup Keurig machine:

  •   Fill water and insert K-cup
  •   Select the size you would like to brew, Select “Brew”
  •   Remove cup following pour, place empty K-cup in the regular garbage can

Likes and dislikes of this coffee making process:

  •   Likes

o   Ease of set up

o   Click the buttons and leave it alone

o   Can maximize the strength of the coffee based on the size chosen.

  •   Dislikes

o   Every brew is one K-Cup, extremely inefficient

o   The different sizes only change the amount of water in the cup

o   Single cup made each time

Advantages and disadvantages of this process compared to other coffee making process:

  •   Advantages

o   Extremely convenient

o   One of the easiest and fastest ways to make coffee

o   The convenience and speed make it a popular way to make coffee

  •   Disadvantages

o   Cannot create a pot of coffee, must make individual cups.

o   No ways to keep the coffee warm if you do not finish it

o   Must purchase K-Cups constantly if you drink a lot of coffee.


This activity was extremely helpful with moving forward in this design process. Firstly, this gave a glimpse of the life of a person who drinks coffee. Personally, I am not a coffee drinker and have little knowledge of the Keurig and other coffee making processes. This activity helped me to learn not only the process of using a Keurig but many of the positives and negatives associated with the machine. This assignment also helped me to learn more about what people look for in the coffee making process. Fortunately, the interviewee has used multiple coffee making processes and was able to help explain to me some of their needs that people who drink coffee face daily. Lastly, I feel as if this interview helped to highlight some of the problems facing Keurig users and these areas of opportunities can be tackled in the future. One of these areas of opportunity that was revealed was the inability to make pots of coffee using the Keurig. Although the Keurig’s efficiency and speed make it great for single use coffee drinkers it is extremely ineffective in larger settings with many more people drinking coffee or wanting multiple cups.