Initial Research: Alternative Options to the Pod Coffee Maker

Describe multiple other methods of making coffee, including the process and equipment used

  • Three different methods were explored
    1. Automatic Drip Coffee
    2. Pour Over
    3. French Press
  • Source:

Automatic Drip Coffee Method:

  • Process:
    1. Grind coffee to a medium-fine particle size
    2. Place coffee filter in the filter basket
    3. Add one tablespoon of coffee to a paper filter for every 6 oz cup of coffee needed
    4. Add cold, filtered water to the reservoir; use 6 oz of water for every cup of coffee needed
    5. Press the start button to begin the brewing cycle
  • Equipment/What is Needed:
    • Coffee beans
    • Automatic grinder to grind the coffee beans
    • Paper filters
    • Automatic drip coffee machine
    • Measuring tools
    • Water source
    • Electrical outlet
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Pour Over Method:

  • Process:
    1.  Bring at least 20 oz of water to a boil
    2. Grind 30 grams (~3 tbsp) of coffee
    3.  Place a filter in the dripper (white cup)
    4.  Add the ground coffee to the filter in the dripper
    5. Place this setup on a cup/carafe (clear container with the handle in the image above)
    6. Start a timer.  Begin pouring the hot water around the outer edge and in a circling motion, traverse towards the center.  All of the coffee should be wet and the pour will take ~15 seconds.  Wait 30 seconds until the next pour.
    7.  Second pour.  Start from the center, pour in a circling motion to the outer edge and the back to the center.  After this, allow 45-65 seconds to elapse.
    8. When the mixture of water and coffee reaches the bottom of the filter, complete a third pour in the similar fashion as in step #7.  It should take 15-20 seconds.  Repeat this process again for a fourth pour.

  • Equipment/What is Needed
    • Stove
    • Water source
    • Kettle/ pot to boil the water
    • Grinder
    • Coffee beans
    • Filter
    • Dripper
    • Cup/ Carafe
    • Timer
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French Press Method 

  • Process:
    1. Remove and rinse the plunger with hot water.  Also fill the glass pot and coffee cups with hot water and then dump out.
    2. Place 8 tbsp of coffee grounds into the bottom of the press
    3. Pour hot (not boiling) water into the glass pot, leaving about an 1 inch spacing from the top; stir the water and coffee mixture with a spoon
    4. Put the plunger back on top of the glass pot and turn the lid so it blocks the pour spout; do not lower the plunger → just let the coffee brew for 4 minutes
    5. Slowly lower the plunger to the bottom of the pot; once the plunger is all the way down, turn the lid to open the spout and pour
  • Equipment/What is Needed:
    • French press (pot, plunger, lid, etc.)
    • Stove
    • Kettle/pot for boiled water
    • Water source
    • Grinder + coffee beans or ground coffee
    • Something to stir the coffee (spoon)