Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH

Associate Professor, The Ohio State University РOSU Comprehensive  Cancer Center

Professional Website

Dr. Lustberg’s wide-ranging research at the OSUCCC ‚Äď James encompasses both clinical work as a medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer at the innovative Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center and as a member of the collaborative, multidisciplinary Cancer Control program. Her clinical practice is dedicated to providing personalized care combined with the latest advances in breast cancer and survivorship.

Dr. Lustberg’s research interests focus on improving the long-term outcomes for breast cancer patients who have developed side effects associated with treatment and on investigating novel blood-based biomarkers to identify recurrence and treatment toxicity earlier. She is also interested in food-based interventions that may modulate inflammation as it relates symptoms experienced by cancer survivors. Dr. Lustberg has led and authored several studies that have provided new insights into the development and treatment of these conditions, such as peripheral neuropathy and febrile neutropenia.