Brianna Stubbs, PhD

Research Lead, HVMN

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Brianna Stubbs is a British rower and scientist who won two gold medals for Great Britain at the 2013 and 2016 World Rowing Championships. In 2010 she enrolled at Pembroke College, Oxford to study medicine.  After completing a 3 year Bachelors in Preclinical Sciences, she was awarded an Industrial Fellowship by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, in order to study for a PhD in Physiology. She joined a research team involved in developing a ketone drink for use in sports, with her own research focused on ketone metabolism in athletes, the effects of different ketone supplements on human physiology, and the effects of ketone drinks on appetite. In 2017, Stubbs took the role of Research Lead with a Silicone Valley based start-up, HVMN, and was part of the team that bought the ketone ester drink to market.