Brendan Egan, PhD

Associate Professor
Dublin City University, Ireland

Professional website

Brendan Egan, PhD is Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology at the School of Health and Human Performance, and National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology, Dublin City University, Ireland. He received his BSc Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Limerick in 2003, MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University (UK) in 2004, and PhD from Dublin City University in 2008, before completing two years of post-doctoral training with the Integrative Physiology group at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

His research investigates the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle function and adaptation across the life course with special interest in the synergy between nutrition and exercise interventions ranging from athletes to older adults. His research group performs human trials involving both acute and chronic interventions for outcomes around performance (physical and cognitive), recovery and adaptation. Nutrients recently and presently under investigation include caffeine, creatine, omega-3 fatty acids, resveratrol, leucine, protein hydrolysates, and exogenous ketones.

Outside of academia, through his sporting career as an inter-county Gaelic footballer, he has had a lifelong association with sport, training and performance at all levels of competition from grassroots to elite level, and also practices as a performance nutritionist with emphasis on team sport athletes.