Columbus To Do List: Part 2

As I talked about in my previous to do list post, Michael, Jared, and my experience was traveling around Columbus’s parks. It was a long journey on a cold day and there were many complications when it came to transportation. However, the overall experience was still pleasant and had an impact on all of us. I talked in my last post about Schiller and Topiary Parks. Both of these two parks were very unique and were located in very nice areas of the city. The other 3 parks which I didn’t talk about were Goodale Park, Scioto Mile Park, and the John F. Wolfe Columbus Commons. Goodale Park I had been to before on other scholars activities. The picture I took of me in the park was right next to the pond which is my favorite feature in the park. I like how the pond sits just on the corner of the park and allows you to see the street and surrounding neighborhood in the background. Goodale park is positioned in an ideal location for people trying to escape from downtown to have a relaxing experience. We arrived to Goodale as the last park on our trip. At this point in our trip, we were exhausted from walking all around the city and the temperature was dropping with the sun. Because of this, we weren’t as enthusiastic about visiting Goodale as we were the other parks. Regardless, we still enjoyed ourselves at the park due to its nice layout and pretty scenery. Earlier in the day, we briefly stopped by Scioto Mile Park. This newly developed strip of land which lines the Scioto River provides a great view of the western side of the city. The COSI building stands out on top of the river bank and makes for a picturesque landscape. The last of the five parks we visited was the Columbus Commons. It is more of a space for concert venues than a park but still accessible to the public. I was surprised at how modern all the buildings lining the park were. Everything looked brand new and clean which is a rare thing in the downtowns of most large cities. I mentioned in the last Columbus To Do List that my favorite of the 5 parks we visited was Schiller park for its location near German Village. Out of the 3 parks  listed above, I most enjoyed Scioto Mile Park. I liked how narrow the park was and how it was more of a walkway than a large field. Also, I believe this park has the best scenery of the other 2 I have talked about in this post. I learned that Columbus is an up-and-coming city with many new developments in my experiences at these 5 parks. I also learned that although many of the things popping up in Columbus are brand new, there is still a rich history in this area and it is still visible through parks like Goodale and Schiller. I wish to continue discovering new spaces around Columbus in the time I have remaining in thiscity. I recommend that everybody who either lives in Columbus or is passing through should visit all 5 parks I have talked about in my posts. They not only provide nice views, but they can teach important things about the city of Columbus as a whole.


Columbus To Do List: Part 1

Last week, Michael, Jared and I went out into Columbus and explored five different parks. I had only been to one park in Columbus prior to this and was extremely excited to be able to see more. I was looking forward to going to Schiller park in particular because it located in German Village, a place I had wanted to visit for a long time. I hoped this assignment would give me a better understanding of the public spaces across Columbus as well as a better general understanding of the layout of the city. My favorite two of the five parks we visited were Schiller Park and Topiary Park. Schiller is the one located in German Village making it somewhat difficult to get to from the Ohio State campus. We spent a good amount of time figuring out which buses to get onto. In that process we got on a few wrong buses, but it gave us a better understanding of Columbus’s bus routes. Once we finally got there, we were able to experience both the park, seen in the top image, and the surrounding village. Walking around German Village was exceptionally unique as it is like no other part of the city. The other park I found interesting was Topiary Park. This park was unique in that it was filled with different shaped hedges. My favorite of these hedges was undoubtedly the one shaped like a dog shown in the bottom image. I found this activity helpful because it gave us the opportunity to explore parts of Columbus we wouldn’t normally go to.




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