Journal #1

As I mentioned in my about me post, coming to Ohio State was a big transition for me. This was mostly due to the fact that I had never taken an architecture class before coming here. Although I had no prior experience in architecture, I felt welcomed when I first arrived at Knowlton. The instructors in all of my architecture classes were very clear about what to expect in the coming months. I was greeted with as much geniality at the involvement fair and other welcome week events as I was inside Knowlton. The involvement fair at the oval was helpful in finding clubs and other groups which interest me. Living away from home is something I have had experience with before coming to Ohio State and I enjoy it very much. However, the times I had lived away from home in the past didn’t involve me studying which is something that I am now getting used to. Before I came to Ohio State, I expected that I wouldn’t have much free time, but I soon found out that wasn’t the case. I was pleasantly surprised how at home I felt after only a few days of being here and I look forward the rest of the school year.

About Me

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