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If you need a headshot or picture of Ken Lee for publication you can download any of these images, with size shown in pixels.

Dr. Ken LeeOSU Food ScienceLab1 593×693

Laboratory 22913×1944

Lab3 1336x1800

Lab3 1336×1800

Archie Griffin and Ken Lee at Commencement

regalia 827x946

regalia 827×946

Kamal Aboshamaa & Lee at the Kitchen 2474x2503

Kamal Aboshamaa & Lee at the Kitchen 2474×2503

Lab4 525x350

Lab4 525×350

Norwalk virus 1174x901

Norwalk virus 1174×901

kenlee 281x354

kenlee 281×354

IFT-Fellers 2588x2263

IFT-Fellers 2588×2263

IFT Industrial Achievement

IFT Industrial Achievement

truth about food

Truth about food radio interview