• Conference: The Emerging Science of Carbohydrate Restriction and Nutritional Ketosis, Conference chair and video edits, entire summit at https://fic.osu.edu/events/keto.html and https://u.osu.edu/ketodiet/
  • Conference: The Truth About Food: The Role of Science in Public Affairs Journalism. June 2017. https://u.osu.edu/truthaboutfood/
  • Conference: 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Summit held at the National Geographic headquarters in Washington DC and streaming online.
  • Conference: 2014 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Summit, Ken Lee Conference Chair and video editor, entire summit is streaming here.
  • Radio: Town Hall Ohio, a syndicated radio show sponsored by the Ohio Farm Bureau. Episode 434 Dietary Guidelines hosted by FIC; aired Dec 30, 2014.  http://go.osu.edu/dga
  • National Broadcast: Interview of Professor Ken Lee by Dr. Timothy Johnson, science correspondent for ABC News on a vaccine for food borne illness, 2007.  https://youtu.be/8pMYncka7OQ
  • Local Area Broadcast– Andrea Cambern 10TV anchor interview on egg ozone emerging technology.                                https://youtu.be/EmybpXKRCdQ

Now streaming online

  • Lee, Ken; Kahn, M., Anderson, N.; Crews, C., Perkins, P., Co-Founder, Presenter. “60 Passionate Food and Beverage Leaders” Kalypso LC. FoodBev Forum Ponte Vedra, FL, 2015.          https://youtu.be/PJjlbSfW4SE
  • Crews, C., Anderson, N., Schmidt, D., Levin, L., Badaracco, S., Facchetti, K., Kahn, M., Moskowitz, H., Lee, Ken., “Why is Innovation so Difficult in Food & Beverage” Viewpoints Media LLC  https://youtu.be/JFGxeNouKw0
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