Leadership statement

John Glenn and Ken Lee ahead of forming the Glenn College of Public Policy

John Glenn and Ken Lee when the Glenn College of Public Policy was established

Leadership inspires best efforts by sharing a common goal that amplifies individual abilities. A University attracts intelligent people who can achieve world-class outcomes. I agree with Jim Collins who studied social sector leaders saying “true leadership only exists if people follow when they have the freedom not to.”  A good leader is also a good listener.  During a $12 million successful fund raising campaign I received candid critiques, as fund-raising provides accurate feedback. We ended up with cash gifts but a much richer portfolio of ideas from donors and dissenters.

Faculty governance works because self-determination inspires people.  I led a collaborative department faculty for four consecutive terms.  We had a long term mission to enable short term goals, and ten years of consecutive high stature national awards was one of several measurable outcomes. We celebrate what we achieve in a place where we look forward to work each day. Academic leaders can ensure what we do is gratifying and what we accomplish is amazing.