Module 4

In this week’s module, I learned about multiple web and electronic-based tools I could use to improve my study habits and time management skills. One web-based tool I discovered was Study Stack. Study Stack is an exceptional studying tool due to its multiplatform synchronization and its phenomenal organizational features.  Virtual flashcards are pretty much superior to normal flashcards in every way because they provide all the benefits that normal flashcards give except that they take up less space, and are more easily accessible. Virtual flashcards also allow you to share with others without having to lose access like you would with normal paper flashcards. Flashcards are essential for any serious student, virtual flashcards streamline the studying process and also make organization simple and easy. Another tool I discovered was Grammarly. Grammarly is definitely the niftiest resource I’ve used in a while.  It’s definitely reduced the number of typos I make. I love that Grammarly works on nearly every website so no matter where I’m typing I can be sure that I’m not making any grammatical errors and if I do they will be quickly corrected. In this module, I also learned how to make the most of my memory by learning about different types of memory which allowed me to make my studying more effective. slide 13

Module 3

In this module, I learned about the importance of time management and I also learned some tips that could help me better manage my time. The most useful thing I learned was the power of scheduling. By scheduling my entire life I’m always aware of what I should be doing at any given moment and this helps me stay on track with school and sports. If I could give any advice to students in regards to time management I would tell them to create their own schedule. If they put in the effort to make a detailed schedule I think they would find their lives to be a lot more manageable. By making a schedule it would also allow them to build better habits if they put things in their schedule that they might necessarily enjoy doing but know should probably be done., the schedule would allow them to have some accountability if they realize that at a given time they should be working on a certain task and if they aren’t doing it they know that they really should be. In this module, I also learned about why students procrastinate. Fear of failure is often the main reason why students procrastinate because they are scared if they try their best they might still fail so they don’t try at all.

Module 2

In this module, I learned about my own personal time management and goal setting skills and how I can improve them. I took a quiz to see how good my time management skills were and based on the results I’m already managing my time pretty well. I could of course still improve my time management so I will try strategies I haven’t used before and see if they work for me. I also created a spreadsheet in which I will use to track how I spend my time. By tracking how I spend my time hopefully I can see where I’m wasting it and thus try to reduce how much time I waste which I think will make me more efficient overall. In this module, I also learned about the importance of netiquette and how I can use it to have a more positive experience on the internet. By adhering to proper netiquette I will be able to maintain a good digital reputation which will prove to be important as I start my career path and use the internet in a more professional manner as I grow older. I also learned some tips on how to communicate with my professors via email. I learned how to formally address them and be concise with my wording and respectful with my tone. Overall I learned quite a few new things from this module and I can’t wait to put them to use!