Global Awareness:

To develop my global awareness I have decided to take a diverse set of classes that help me explore different Spanish-speaking countries from around the world.  Through these classes, I hope to gain a sense different cultures and histories of places from around the world to expand my understanding and connection to different part of the world.  I am also taking Sociology and Anthropology courses to gain a sense of global awareness by understanding histories and methods of study.  Additionally, I hope to study abroad in Europe to gain a sense of culture and traditions from another part of the world that is filled with its own unique history and traditions.  Finally, I would like to further my global awareness through connecting with different groups on campus and campus events that celebrate cultural and national diversity.
Original Inquiry:

I have and will experience many research and creative processes over my time here at Ohio State.  Many of my science classes like Biology 1113, I have conduct research and experiments to present a peer-reviewed poster based on a certain disease.  Many of my other classes like Spanish and Anthropology I have researched and completed peer-review articles on a certain topic, like the Evolution of the Human Heart and the cultural research on  Spanish folktales.  I seek to gain more original inquiry experience through social science laboratory experiences.  Also to further this experience I will continue to take a challenging course load that will have projects and experiments that challenge and create inquiry insight within the context of the class.
Academic Enrichment:

Through the continuation of strenuous coursework and a majority of upper level or honors classes, I hope to enrich my learning experience while I’m here at Ohio State.  I have chosen to take on a double major to combine my passions in social science and my passions for laboratory work with the Forensic Biology major.  I like to push myself to accomplish as much as I can do here at Ohio State while I’m here, so I am pursuing a double major and a double minor.  My minor include Spanish and Business Analytics because I feel Spanish is a great skill to have and Business Analytics allows me to pursue a minor in something that interests me.  This ambitious schedule allows me to push myself and enhances my knowledge and understanding of the world around me.


Leadership Development:

Through community service and clubs, I hope to develop my skills as a leader and use them later in life.  Through being a mentor at the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program, I gain experience communicating with others to resolve conflicts and I get to practice my public speaking skills.  I also hope to get in a more administrative and programming role in the next year with this organization to get more leadership skills.  I am also getting involved in the Ohio Historical Society, which allows me to combine my love of history with teaching others about history.  This program gives me the opportunity to learn how to quickly communicate and connect with a diverse group of people in order to communicate a common goal.  These are all skills that will help me develop personally and emotionally as I move on after college. I also hope to get more club leadership roles to further emphasize and help me develop in other areas.
Service Engagement:

I have been a regular volunteer at Riverside Methodist Hospital for about 3 years now, and I have logged over 300 hours with that organization.  Through Riverside, I was able to gain an intimate knowledge and mentorship with hospital staff to gain a working knowledge and work experience to see if I wanted to continue on to medical school.  I have also worked with HOBY or the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program now for 3 summers.  I have been a volunteer helper on children’s sports teams for years now and have done over 250 hours of volunteer experience with them.  Through these community service project and many others I have recieved the President’s Gold Award for Volunteering.  I am hoping as the year progresses to get more of community involvement here at Ohio State.


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