Diversity Post

The diversity group that I am a part in Cru. It is a christian organization that focuses mainly bringing people together and building a community within your small group and large group. The large group consists of everyone form the Houston and Houck dorms and together for the large group. Likewise, the girls and guys split up to create their own small groups which consists of many activities. The large group does things like game nights or going to Scott as a group or even going to events on campus together such as Zumba, which is a dancing workout class that happens once per week. The small groups focus less on bonding with each other as friends and getting to know people but rather focuses more on talking about the important things that have happened in your life and how to become a better person through the christian faith. From the events that I have went to so far for Cru I have enjoyed what we have done. We went to Scott and ate dinner with around 15 people and I got to meet a lot of cool people and made a lot of new friends that I would not have met otherwise. There are a lot of chances to join a club that focuses on diversity and there are a lot of different options within the same realm. For example, for me I was looking into either joining Cru or SPO, or Saint Paul’s Outreach, which is a catholic organization on campus that is much more of of a full time commitment with an option to live with them in the future. I decided to choose Cru because it was mainly focused on getting to know people that are in the same complex and get to meet people that have similar interests as me. I also think that they are many different options to join a club based on diversity in different aspects of diversity such as race or ethnicity as many of my friends are in that they seem to enjoy. I would recommend joining a club based upon diversity to everyone that can join one because they are a great way to meet people who are similar to you and it is very easy to make friends through the club. For my event, the leader read a bible verse and we talked as a group about what we thought about it and what we can do in our own lives that we can change to follow the lesson learned in the verse. It was a good conversation that we had as a small group and the most recent verse that we talked about focused on the way that Jesus treated everyone equally, no matter how everyone viewed them, and how in everyday life we need to be able to accept everyone for who they are. Things like that are that the small group tends to talk about and similar ideas on how we could be a better person.

Campus Resources

The campus resource that I use quite often that does not pertain to academics is the multiple different gyms that are on campus for students to use. I’ve used it multiple times both with my friend and going there alone. Normally it is pretty busy so sometimes it is hard to be able to do everything that I want to do every time that I visit but generally I am able to at least eventually finish my workout by doing everything. The time that I visited the RPAC I came to realize that the north rec is much better as there are way too many people at the RPAC compared to the north rec. I also did not really how many people there are not very serious at building muscle but more about just staying fit which was reassuring as I expected more people that were in there taking all of the weights. I expected to be able to go to the north rec and be out within an hour and finish my workout which is exactly what happened. Machines and weights seemed to be open when I wanted to use them and even if the exact thing I wanted to do was not open I could find something else to do in the meantime while I waited for the machine to open up. Some of the issues with using it is that it seems to close too early as I always seem to be up doing homework for awhile and by the time I finish homework and finally have time the gym is closing shortly or is already closed. If the gym stayed open just an hour or two longer I feel like I could find more time to use the facility and be able to also maintain by focus on schoolwork. The only issue with doing this is that many people end up going earlier so I doubt many people would end up going at the late hours that I would. Also it would be very expensive for the university to keep up and running for an hour or two longer per day as they must power everything and pay workers to be there to keep the place in check. The gyms here are very nice compared to what I used in the past and seem to have more of the weights that I use compared to places like planet fitness, that seem to have only small weight. One thing that would be nice is to keep just the first floor open all of the time as it is all just free weights and I do not think that many people would have to work to keep the place running and also the electricity required to keep it open would be minimal. Overall though, the services at OSU are very confusing as many of them hold acronyms and the services get lost between different ones and I do not always remember what exactly we have offered to us here and where we need to go for specific help. 

STEM Seminar

The seminar that I went to was a chemistry based seminar that focused on the effects of abnormalities of molecular structure and how nonradiative processes, processes that can be achieved by using electron energy alone, can change how nanocrystals, just small molecules and in this case it was silicon, react to the outside world. The small amount of chemistry that I knew before this did not necessarily help to understand what was being explained but as the seminar went along I saw myself starting to slowly understand the idea that he was trying to explain to us. I went to this seminar with my roommate and he seemed to know more about the subject when we went into the seminar but after the seminar we were both equally confused on what the talk was completely. I may have gotten the main idea of the seminar but many of the ideas that he talked about during the seminar was using vocabulary that I have never heard of and he was also talking very fast so not knowing everything and not having time to understand what he is saying did not help comprehension. I may end up going to more seminars when I have gotten more experience with the topics that are being discussed but as of now I do not think it is all that helpful when I do not know what the person is saying. I felt very out of place being there because many of the people there were either middle aged people or grad students and my roommate and I were one of few who were there as underclassmen. I would say that I learned something after going to the seminar but I do not exactly know what the application of what was described during the seminar actually is. I understand that when different types of abnormalities are seen that they act different but I do not understand the reason or cause of the change. The explanation of the change was mainly being described with vocal that I did not know so much of what he was saying was not being understood by me. The seminar went just about exactly what I expected research to look like. It was a matter of someone putting there time into something very particular and using a bunch of different people and methods to finally get to the point of answering their original question just to find another question. In this case, he found out what type of abnormalities cause each individual color and the effect of oxygen on silicon with the abnormalities but all of the work just resulted in asking if it would be different in other substances or how silicon would be different with multiple abnormalities on the same molecule. Being an undergraduate student and going to these seminars could be helpful with networking and getting to know people who are qualified in your field of interest but I do not think that a first year or second year could get very much benefit out of it but I do think that upperclassmen could benefit from going to these seminars and meeting people that they will soon be.

Academic Support

I went to my ta for Calc 1172 for help as we just started series and just finished up with partial fraction decomposition which I felt like I needed more help with before I was ready for the quiz. The time consisted mainly of myself giving problems that I did not know how to do and he would help me through them and describe the thought process that would be needed to solve similar problems. Math has always been a strong class for me so I did not expect math being this hard in college but with the combination of increased pace and more difficult quizzes and midterms I have realized that I need to put extra time into it in order to understand it. In high school, getting help in classes was much more of a unnecessary thing that only a handful of people needed but in college it is the complete opposite where only a handful of people do not need help. There is always people staying after class and at office hours trying to get a better grasp on the material. I feel that getting help in subjects such as math and physics where it is mainly concepts that must be understood to know how to solve any of the problems benefit greatly when students go to a tutor or ta to seek help in learning the concepts. In other areas, where it is more about memorizing, a tutor may be unnecessary as simply studying alone and reviewing will be much more beneficial than going over facts with the ta. The start of the time was me giving him problems that I was confused about and by the end he was giving me problems to work on that we did not get to on the in class worksheets. After going to the ta I feel like I know what to study and where to find the best practice problems to do, which is to go over the homework and do the worksheets that are given to us. If I get to be good enough at math I would be willing to to tutor for math but the others classes that I take I do not think that I would want to go over the material for more than the semester I take the class. The tutoring was very helpful for me because I was not very confident in knowing the material for the quiz but afterwards I felt like I knew the material well enough to be able to get a good grade on the quiz. I probably will not be going for any of my other classes because they are pretty easy but I may end up going again for math depending on if I need help for that weeks material. I could imagine myself going in there before the second midterm as series are said to be pretty hard so I will probably go before the midterm so I can get a better grade on the second one than I did the first one.

Student Org

The student organization that I am a part of is BDAA, also known as Big Data & Analytics Association, and is mainly comprised of CSE and Analytics majors. I find out when they presented at a STEM Scholars meeting and I was put on the email list from there. I went alone to the first meeting that I went to but I found some people that are in my Software 1 class and was able to talk to them. The first meeting that I went to was less of a meeting about the club itself but a meeting about potential internships with Nationwide and what kind of openings they have for internships this upcoming summer. From what I have noticed so far, the main benefit is being able to meet people that have similar interests and being able to connect with the people that the club brings in. The student leaders are very passionate about the club and I could see myself in their shoes one day. The meetings are only on Tuesdays and Thursdays at times where it is very easy to get to them and they are only one hour sessions so I will only need to get some homework during the day to be able to keep up with time that is required to stay in the club. I have very busy schedules on Tuesdays so I will most likely end up getting my homework done for Tuesday night by Monday so that I will not be stressed to finish my homework and go to my club commitment. I met some of my classmates at the meeting, so I was able to talk to them about their time within the club, as most of them are second years, and the best ways to take advantage of everything that the club has to offer. There is not a specific organization that really caught my eye, so it was difficult for me to choose which organization to join but I ended joining BDAA as it was the most intriguing with the overlap between data and coding algorithms. I wanted to join some other clubs, but I would not have been able to be an active member as both my school obligations and out of school obligations with the military in specific. The amount of organizations both help and hurt students’ involvement in student organizations as people could be overwhelmed with the amount of choices that they have and it could be difficult to narrow down the choice of clubs to be both manageable and a club that they would want to do. But on the other hand, there are all of options and it should be easy for people to find a club that they would be interested in and willing to try if they are willing to. The transitions from the small amount of club choices in high school and being thrown into learning a new way of life at college and then ending up getting to choose your club and choose the people that you may end up spending your college experience with.


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About Me

I am Zak and my intended major is CSE or computer science engineering. My academic interests include coding, math, and anything computer related. My main goal is to eventually leave college with a job from either internships or from people that I have met within my time here. One thing about me is that I am enlisted in the Air National Guard so I will most likely graduate after five years but I will also leave college without debt. With a long term goal to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force I would enjoy using my coding degree to make video games.

Year in Review

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