Second Year Review

In my second year of HSS I found it very enjoyable. I had the opportunity to be a TA for our scholars class and become a mentor to the freshman through our mentor program. I enjoyed being a TA and getting to learn more about the resources that are ever changing at OSU while also being able to help the freshman transition to college more smoothly. The mentor program was also a great opportunity as I believe our program allows the freshman to start making connections with upperclassmen in similar majors to them who can be a resource and guiding hand to them. The HSS LC did a great job this year with the improvements that they are planning on making to our mentor program and I am very excited to be a part of the mentor program to see how it can grow and create an even bigger HSS network between the freshman, upperclassman, and potentially graduates. The LC also held some great events this year with the scavenger hunts at the monthly meetings and the bring your own bowl events. The BYOB events are a great simple way to get HSS students to come out meet with their mentor/mentee’s in a simple social environment. Next year I plan to try and stay involved by coming to events, being a TA, and being a mentor again in order to stay connected to the HSS community as I believe it has been a very beneficial two year experience for me. This year I stayed involved in MEDLIFE and Volunteers Around the World. This coming summer I have a clinical research position lined up through Akron Children’s Hospital through their Summer Pediatric Research Scholars program. I will be conducting my own clinical research project with a physician at the hospital and getting the opportunity to shadow more doctors and become more involved with the medical field.

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