Original Inquiry: This summer I will be conducting clinical research at Akron Children’s Hospital. It is a 10 week internship program called Summer Pediatric Research Scholars. This will enrich me academically as I will be getting more involved with the medical field and I think help me really realize how truly I want to be a doctor which is what all my academics are leading me towards. Also as a Health Sciences major we discuss a lot of clinical issues whether it be from the management perspective or medical perspective I believe this experience will be beneficial to the information I have already learned from my major and will continue learning over the next two years. I also have the opportunity to shadow doctors, go to conferences, and sit in on the grand rounds through the hospital which will be a great learning experience for me as I can ask them my questions and inquire into their work. Through this internship I will be assigned a mentor who will help me come up with my own research project which will be my original inquiry and I will get to conduct research on it with the assistant of the medical professional mentor. I will get to ask questions, look at clinical data, and conduct my own original research project idea and at the end of the program I will report my findings in front of staff at Akron Children’s Hospital.

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