Year in Review

I️ thought the HSS program was very well planned this year. I️ thought the weekly newsletter was the most helpful as it laid out everything we could get involved with and there was a lot of his events that made it easy to get all of our events in for the year. Overall I️ think the year went well and I️ liked how it was easy for us to get involved in HSS for example with the TA position for the scholars class and for the HSS mentors. This year I️ got involved with Medlife at OSU and I️ also am involved with Volunteers Around the World and am going on a trip to Peru this summer for a medical outreach trip. I️ also am planning on being a mentor for HSS next year and applied for the scholar TA position and the PLTL Peer Leader position for Chemistry 1610.My classes first semester were not too hard to adjust to and overall the were not too hard. Second semester was definitely harder, but it all ended up fine in the end after lots of hard work. Overall, I️ think this year went really well and I️ was able to get very involved at in HSS and at Ohio State with the different clubs and opportunities.

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