Patient Case Presentation

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Quinn, an 18-year-old African American female, walks into your clinic with complaints of an abnormal vaginal discharge and slight pain/burning when urinating over the past few weeks. Quinn’s vital signs are taken, all values are within their normal ranges and she does not report any other pain. Quinn has not experienced any chills and does not exhibit any signs of systemic infection.


Social History:

Upon assessment, you determine that she is sexually active and has engaged in intercourse with her new boyfriend over the past month. Once questioned, she says that she does not wear condoms because her boyfriend doesn’t like them, and she uses the “pull-out” method as a form of birth control.  She has been sexually active for two years and has had three previous sexual partners. She does not know about her boyfriend’s sexual history and is hesitant to ask. 


Medical History:

The patient has never been pregnant or given birth.  She states that she has a regular period that has not changed apart from some light spotting in between periods.  The first day of her last period was a week ago. 


Family History:

Both of her parents are alive and have no major health conditions.