Graphics Project Assignment

1) Image 1 + original – Select a photo that relates to one of the goals of your site and crop and resize it. Include both the orginal and the edited version in your wordpress page. Read The basics of cropping (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to gain some understanding of principles to guide image cropping. Include both the original and the edited version in your WordPress page.


people having a meeting


office meeting cropped

2) Image 2 – Create an image using only words that includes the characteristics of your persona. The image should include at least 5 words. Try to pick fonts that match the characteristics of the word. You may also use filters and other editing features to captures the essence of each word. More advanced students may wish to have some kind of background image.

educator, focused, techie, curious, skilled

3) Image 3 + original – Take an image that you don’t mind using for this project and remove at least one element. Try to use the the clone stamp tool (the video description at the end of this section shows you how to do this).  Include both the original and the edited version in your WordPress page.


original image - burger and fries


removed logo from drink


4) Image 4 – Create a collage of images related to your project goals and persona. You may use images from the image sites listed above or your own images. Make sure you place each image in its own layer so that you can move them individually to fine tune their location.

collage of students and family photos