Our research focuses on the fascinating properties of spin, magnetism, and topology in quantum materials. As inherently quantum mechanical, the spin and magnetism of valence electrons are highly sensitive to the atomic-scale environment. Thus, controlling materials at the atomic scale creates opportunities for new phenomena due to the interplay of spin-orbit interactions, exchange interactions, strain tuning, and electrostatic gating. This has led to the explosion of research in 2D materials, 2D magnets, topological insulators, topological magnets, and skyrmion spin textures.

In our laboratory, we create new materials and heterostructures controlled at the atomic level using molecular beam epitaxy and mechanical exfoliation and stacking of van der Waals materials. A suite of advanced measurements (spin transport, magneto-optics, ultrafast optics, time-resolved ARPES, and spin-polarized STM) are employed to probe spin currents, magnetic order, electronic states, and their dynamics in both real space and momentum space. Our research ranges from curiosity-driven basic science to potential applications in microelectronics and quantum information.

2D Materials: Spintronics, Magnetism, and Photonics




Magnetic Topological Materials


Topological Kagome Magnets


Spin-Orbit Torque and Magnetization Dynamics


Defect-Based Spin Qubits


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