Jackie, Dalina, and I at a kick off in the Ohio Stadium.

Buckeyes First Program

I am considered a first generation college student since none of my parents went to college. Applying to college was a difficult process for me because I had to figure everything out by myself and my parents were unable to help. Ohio State did a program before college started called Buckeyes Firsts. We met everyday for three days and would talk about different topics of college life and how to deal with everything. We were put into small groups with two peer leaders each. I am still in contact with my peer leaders and the peer leader group. They are there to help us if we have any questions or need anything. Buckeyes first had three meet up dates in the first semester where the two advisors will talk with us and have a lesson planned. One of my biggest fears was not being able to make close friendships when coming to Ohio State but through Buckeyes Firsts, I met my best friends. I have a good friend group and I have people who will help me with anything that I need.

Year in Review

College was different from what I was expecting. I was very stressed and did not know what to expect from my midterms at first but after the first month, it slowly got easier. On my next midterms, I improved by a lot and I learned how to cope with my stress and manage my time better. I even joined pre-med club and was chosen to be on the service committee for it. I occasionally volunteer for Red Cross and local 5K’s. Overall my college experience has been positive and I look forward to my second semester.


Hannah Daulbaugh and I at the Making Strides of Columbus walk on October 14, 2018.

Service Engagement is a big priority for me. I volunteered over 500 hours in high school at two hospitals, the library, and many school events. Here at Ohio State, I plan on volunteering at the James Medical Center, Nationwide Children’s and at some Red Cross drives through pre-medicine club. I plan on volunteering at other events like the breast cancer awareness walk and local nursing homes.


Medical Explorers Program at Mercy Health Hospital 

In October 2017, I started a program at Mercy Health Hospital. This program would meet once a month and lasted until May 2018. During those meetings different areas of the health field would be explored. I heard from a trauma surgeon, learned how to read an EKG, how to read CT and MRI scans, how to start and IV, how to do different types of sutures, how to use the daVinci robot, how to perform CPR, how to prevent a patient from crashing (practiced with a simulation), and shadowed a physical therapist. This program was definitely beneficial and I am glad I was a part of it.

Zero Waste Tailgate

Volunteering with the Zero Waste Tailgate was different than anything I have done before. We set up recycling bins all around the parking lots and around people’s cars. We interacted with other people and educated them on why they should recycle and the benefits of recycling. I learned that this program helps reduce waste at Ohio State by at least 20% and I was made more aware of my recycling habits.

Hi, my name is Sukhleen Kaur and I am a neuroscience major with pre-medicine at Ohio State. I was born in India and moved to Ohio in 2009. I am a first generation college student and I plan on going to medical school to become a neurosurgeon. I love lacrosse, soccer, and volunteering.