Week 8: 3D Graphic Design


I created an advertisement for a custom phone case company. I created two phone cases and the logo for the company in photoshop. You  can create so many different things utilizing photoshop for a company, it gives you so much creative freedom that you can make whatever you want and sometimes see it come to life.  To make these phone cases, I used the 3D options and found a picture of a blank iphone case on google and copied it into photoshop. Then I made it 3D and made sure the extrusion depth was about as deep as a regular phone case. I then changed the texture of the cases to photos that I have taken and added a text overlay. I created my logo by typing a “K” and adding a circle around it then merging those two layers together and creating a 3D model out of it. I made sure that the shadows for the cases and logo were the same so it looked cohesive. I created phone cases because I have always liked to change up my case every once in a while and I think it really helps express who you are and the idea of custom phone cases are really fun.