Week 5: Portraits


Portraits have always been one of my favorite types of photography. I think you can capture so much emotion and tell a story about a person in one photo. In the pictures I have uploaded of my friend, you can see that she likes fashion and is very comfortable with herself. In the first picture of her, I took a pair of glasses that I found online and used free transform to put them on her face. The second picture, I put Blake Lively’s face on her using the eraser tool, blur tool, and free transform to put it on her. I wish I chose a different picture of Blake Lively that better matched the lighting of my picture of make it look more seamless but I thought it was funny. The final pictures are the ones that I edited to make look professional. I basically just used the color correcting tools to bring out the blues in the picture. In the third picture, I used the blur tool to blur the background a little bit to bring focus on her.