Week 3 Assignment:Blog & Photo Basics

This assignment was to start off with the basics of photoshop and learn how to work with some of the tools to edit the exposure and temperatures of photos. I used a picture I took at an Ohio State football game because it shows our shared collective identity of being OSU students because we all share a love for OSU football games and always have fun cheering on our buckeyes. The way I edited these photos was by using the brightness/contrast and exposure tools to over and underexpose the first three photos. To make the pictures have warmer and cooler tones, I used the color balance tool and adjusted the different color tones. I think the photos with the different temperatures, especially with the warmer tones appear to look more like a vintage picture. I tend to work with cooler toned photos because it does not really wash out the colors of the photos and make some colors blend together. Out of the exposures, I like the overexposed photo more because it kind of brings out the reds, greens, and blues and it makes it more vibrant than the underexposed photo.