Understanding Relationships Between Diet and Cancer

Registered Dietitian Niyati Parekh speaking at NYU Langone for a seminar in 2016 about a very intriguing connection between nutrition and diseases such as cancer. She informs the audience and spectators that there is a possible way to prevent such diseases, if precautionary measures are taken when it comes to diet and nutrition.


The Cancer Fighting Diet is a knowledge packed novel written in 2015 by Dr. Johannes F. Coy who speaks about the ways to weaken cancer cells with regards to diet. This novel is perfect for anyone trying to increase their knowledge about cancer cells and how they affect the body when food is involved.



The American Institute for Cancer Research is a professional organization that dedicates its time and efforts in finding ways to cure cancer.  In the link provided above, Jennifer A. Ligibel, MD of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute discusses the changing views in the medical oncology community about diet, physical activity, and nutrition and their impact on cancer and cancer risk.  Published in 2019, the organization is staying on top of the latest news.


“In the United States today, cancer is the second most frequent cause of death and is responsible for over 20 percent of the approximately 2 million total annual deaths.1 Cigarette smoking, which accounts for about 30 percent of all deaths from cancer in the United States, is the leading known avoidable cause of mortality from all causes as well as from cancer.2 Heavy alcohol consumption, which ranks second, is responsible for about 3 percent of cancer deaths. Promising, but unproved, hypotheses concern the prevention of cancer through diet, which has been postulated to account for as many as 35 percent . . .”

A snippet of “Micronutrients and Cancer Prevention,” written by Charles H. Hannekens, M.D. is listed above.  Published in 1986 by the New England Journal of Medicine, the article shows the importance of research that date back almost 30 years about the same unsolved topic. The connection between diet and cancer has lead to almost 35% percent of deaths, there has to be an answer.



According to Medical News Today, a recent news article published towards the end of 2018 titled “Foods with Low Nutritional Quality Tied to Higher Cancer Risk” is making waves.  Written by Maria Cohut, the less nutritional value in your food can lead to a higher risk of developing cancer due to the lack of necessary ingredients and vitamins.  The quality of food should not be overlooked.