Learning Artifacts

Throughout this course, I have learned and absorbed much material about learning online and how to personalize my work to benefit myself. Here is a brief list of three takeaways that I have for this course and why:

1. Befriend your classmates and professors!

When taking any course, whether it is online or in person, becoming well acquainted with your professor and a few classmates can never do you wrong.  Taking the initiative to build a relationship with an online professor without having the ability to meet them makes building one with a face-to-face professor much easier.

Having a relationships with a few classmates is a great way to engulf yourself into the curriculum.  As a student, you are bound to have questions about some of the course material.  Having your professor to speak to is great, but also receiving help from other classmates is even better and can give you a much more relatable response.

2. Be honest with your own self and your work

When taking many courses and involving yourself in many different assignments, especially those that require reflections about self work and progression, it is necessary to stay honest.  As we practiced new methods of learning and how to deal with the work load in different learning environments, having a self reflection at the end was the most important part.

Reflecting on your work and progress is essential in the learning process! Self reflection is one of the biggest takeaways I will continue to use in all my future courses

3. Organization is key

As a college student, online and face-to-face courses will be a part of everyones curriculum.  Having the ability to stay as organized as possible is the key.  Throughout this course, there were 3-4 assignments due every week and it could easily be forgotten about if all the work was not organized.  As a student, organization can make or break your grade.

Having a mindset that understands the importance of organization is mandatory.  In order to complete half the assignments in this course, organization of material is needed- especially when creating this e-portfolio!


These three takeaways that I briefly spoke about are the three that affected and influenced me the most, personally.  For myself, these takeaways will be used in all of my future endeavors whether it be academically or not.