Learning Strategies

Personally, I find it easier for myself to learn in an environment where I can focus on myself. Setting up a schedule that I can realistically follow as well as setting goals that will allow me to reach my goals.  Becoming more aware of myself and my capabilities is the first step to success.  Understanding that not every student learns the same way is key.

Setting up a schedule and certain area to complete all my work is ideal.  I have to separate myself from all distractions, sometimes even turn off my phone and put all my focus on my work.  Learning is something that differs between person to person and can be mastered once it is identified.


This course has gifted me with a lot of takeaways:

  1. Technology has so many new facets and areas that I have not mastered yet.
  2. I think that learning about new technology can allow for universities and other companies to become more advanced with regards to education
  3. Technology can be used as a positive for many and can open doors for students like us in this generation to help elevate us!


Technology is all around us, and it makes our lives easier in a sense.  For this specific course, I am learning a lot more about how to work things. I have never created a website, especially about myself so figuring out how to use technology in a new light is very interesting!