A few years ago, my brother became seriously ill and required full-time care from my parents. During his illness, my family spent much time traveling to various doctors and hospitals around the United States. This experience forced me to become completely independent and self-sufficient. I did anything and everything I could to support my family during this nightmare. As they traveled across the country to various medical facilities looking for hope, I became fully responsible for myself, the house, and our dog. It was challenging at times to keep my mind on my class work, but I knew that I had to continue to excel in school for their sake and mine.

The skills that I honed during this time were responsibility, courageousness, work ethic, empathy, and an unstoppable determination to persevere despite adversity. This experience severely impacted my life in many different ways. Not only did it force me to become more mature and ease into college more smoothly, but it also changed the way I look at life. I now realize the truly important things. I struggle with anxiety, but this difficult time has led me to worry less about the material and superficial things, and more about what matters the most; the health and happiness of my family, my friends, and myself.

About Me

Hello! 😉 My name Anna Kantaras, and I am a first year majoring in Health Sciences. I am pre-optometry and also plan on pursuing a career in vision therapy. I chose Ohio State because of their renowned academics and that the university, in my opinion, is the perfect distance from my home (Akron!!). I took place in the Ohio State Welcome Leaders early arrival program, and I am also in the Health Sciences Scholars group. I love to workout and plan on joining fitness-based clubs on campus. Additionally, my favorite hobbies are playing volleyball, snowboarding, and attending sporting events. I hope to learn and make so many amazing memories during my time here at OSU, and I cannot wait to experience them!

Year in Review

My first year at Ohio State was very memorable, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I have always been very close to my family, so moving into college was especially nerve wracking for me. Luckily, some of my best friends and my brother attend OSU as well, so these eased my nerves a little. I was in OWL, which I think was a great experience for me to not only meet new people, but to help those who were a little extra nervous, like me :). I have now applied to be an OWL-Coordinator for next autumn! I think it is a great program and highly recommend participating. My transition to college was pretty smooth both academically and with extracurriculars. I am in many clubs such as pre-optometry club and I volunteer with Crosswalk Outreach. I also love to volunteer and get involved with Health Sciences Scholars, as I am a part of that as well.

Through scholars, I have made a ton of lifelong friends and connections. I am very thankful as some of my favorite things to do on the weekends are to spend time with my HSS friends, attend football games, and watch movies. When second semester came, I felt so at home at OSU, and I felt like I never wanted to leave. I was doing well with academics, volunteering, and having a great time with friends. I participated in Buckeyethon and also became CPR certified, which shows you the amount of options that you have to get involved with at Ohio State. I also plan to rush the pre-health sorority next fall. Unfortunately, my freshman year at OSU was cut short, but my professors and instructors really tried to make the transition to online classes as smooth as possible. I love being home with my family, but I miss the classroom setting and a bunch of my friends. I am extremely excited for the rest of my time at The Ohio State University.




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