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Violin + Physics= ?

Hello everyone, my name is Candice Kang, an international student from China. Although I am a complete physics fanatics, I am always attracted by music. Among all the musical instruments I can play, my favorite is undoubtedly the violin. Not only because it is able to make diverse timbres and colorful sounds by changing various performing methods, but most importantly,  it is violin that is the source of my inspiration of developing a sound source locating device by myself.   

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Having heard the car honking behind clearly, but I did not know where to move and finally got injured. It happened often in my life even more people with literal hearing. One day, when I was learning about the techniques of changing violin’s timbre, it suddenly occurred to me that I could make full use of my physics knowledge to invent a car honk locating device which can distinguish different sounds by timbre. My invention process did not go well at the beginning for lack of professional knowledge. Thus, I read tons of physics reference books and eventually made a rudimentary sound source locating device in the principle of sonar—comparing by a mini computer, the device could identify the timbre and confirm the exact location of car horns in high efficiency. Specially, in order to accurately receive sounds from all directions, I made the device to have the same appearance as a necklace with eight receivers and stimulating points which would send high-frequency electrical current impulses to the skin when the device identified the corresponding to the direction of the sound.

Physics research building in Ohio state university

As the designer, I wore the device for one week to test its practicability. It does work, but there are also problems waiting to be improved. Thanks to my experience of working on this device, I feel more motivated to become a member of one of the best physics departments around the whole world—physics department of OSU, in which I can search for more knowledge and technologies to improve the design. I firmly believe that after finishing undergraduate study in OSU, I will eventually complete the device and let it assist more people like me to seize opportunities they are longing for and release all their potential.