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Student Group’s Mindmap of HDFS 2200, Family Development



HDFS 2200 Family Development

HDFS 5340 Intimate Relationships


HDFS 6890 Proseminar

HDFS 8820 Theoretical Perspectives on the Family

HDFS 760 Research Process Analysis

HDFS 8190 The PhD Job Market

Students doing active learning activity around sex ed in HDFS 2200, Family Development

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Activities and Assignments

Video Introduction Assignment: Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Active Learning Activity: The Motherhood Penalty, at Work and Home

Active Learning Activity: Perfect Partners and the Suffocation of Marriage

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From Distracted to Productive: Time Management Lessons for Students… and Us
See also: From Distracted to Productive: Time Management Lessons for Students… and Us

Tattoo of knowledge is bliss

Student comment, Spring 2018: “Overall, this class has helped me realize that there are so many social issues to discuss, that sometimes it feels like it would be easier to ignore it (ignorance is bliss). But, I feel like it is important to be knowledgeable about all of these issues. I even got a tattoo that says “Knowledge is bliss” on the back of my shoulder. Ok, I have been wanting it for a while but finally decided to get it. This class MAY have been a slight inspiration. Thank you for a GREAT semester :)”