Year in Review

My Year in Review: What I Learned in My First Year

I think the biggest thing I learned at my first year in Ohio State is that you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to enjoy college. This was something I didn’t really understand in high school, because we are always forced into doing certain activities by teachers or parents, but in college there is not that authority figure who is going to be able to tell you what to do. We have reached an age where people won’t always tell us what to do anymore, these are decisions that we must make by ourselves, and not joining more clubs that were outside my comfort zone was definitely a regret. Of course I am paying tuition to get a quality education, but there is also so much more that the school has to offer than this, like the networking with 60,000+ students. If I were to redo this first year, I would like to join more clubs whether they be related to my major or they are just for fun, as a way to meet new people and gain perspectives I wouldn’t be able to have before.


However in the other perspective, I think I also learned some life skills when it comes to an academic perspective. Very early on in the year, it became very clear that I was falling behind in some classes so I made the decision of organizing myself to the minute. Every Sunday, I now plan my entire week of when I am going to do an assignment, but I think this type of planning is very beneficial to someone like me who often forgets some of their responsibilities. So installing this planning ahead of schedule will allow me to give myself certain goals by the end of the day, and give myself a sense of fulfillment. I think this type of lifestyle will be beneficial in the future, as it will give me an organized life which is something that I need to be as productive as possible.



The location that my peer group and I decided to visit was the Columbus Art Museum on November 3rd, 2019. I myself have always been interested in the idea of contemporary art, and the art institute in Columbus has one of the best in the world. So seeing this section of the art was definitely my favorite part of the trip, as I strongly enjoy the idea of finding art in nothing. Something that I have learned from the trip was the idea of better understanding how much time is needed to get the full experience of what the museum has to offer, instead of rushing at each exhibit to see all of them. I would strongly recommend the art museum to a friend, as I feel like the museum in Columbus is fantastic. If given the opportunity I would like to also visit the other museums that make Columbus so famous, like the Columbus Museum of Science.


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Volunteering on MLK day – A specific event that I feel like I have learned how important supporting a community is the MLK day of service event, in which we learned how just offering a couple hours of my day can make such a big difference to so many people that are in need. Generally we think that someone else is always going to be willing to make the difference and be able to help and do more for the world than you, and so it doesn’t make sense for you to donate or give up anything. But this even showed me that it is essential to make a difference in the community if you have the ability, since you can’t determine what others will do with their lives however, you can dictate what you can do with your life. This event showed me the importance of making a difference if you have the ability to, is essential and is what will create a more progressive world. A large part of my life I have been volunteering, whether it may or may not be on the books, from handing food at out local temple or my proudest accomplishment renovating a softball field. The reason that I enjoy this activity is because it always gives me that sense of being a good person in a tough world, or maybe the Robin that helps the less fortunate. Although some may view volunteering as nothing more than I chore, I truly have a passion for helping others, as I feel like I have the ability to make a difference in such a difficult world. I don’t think an experience like this has changed me as a person but rather it has reaffirmed me that I am a good person and capable of changing the world in a small way, as MLK once said “if you can’t do something great, then do something small in a great way”.


About Me – Srujan Kalva


Hello Mrs.Tuttle, I am Srujan Kalva and I am from Chicago, IL. I grew up a fantastic older brother who graduated UIC last year, an overprotective mother, and s very strict father. I graduated high school form at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, where I was involved with Diversity Council, Kiva, and Computer Science Club. One of professional goals is to incorporate Computer Science or App Development to help the community around me. One way of doing this is creating an app that would find food around a city that could go to Food Banks, instead of going to waste. Growing up, I had an interesting childhood, as I was the only Indian one in my friend group, so although there were moments when I did feel out of place, I also offered a perspective that the others couldn’t. However, I don’t rely on my differences to make a difference, as I know the importance of being a team player, an essential quality I got from my summer job at Amazon. Something interesting me about me is that I am a black belt in taekwondo, which most may find surprising me because of my calm personality.


Top 5 Strengths:

  1. Hard Working
  2. Dedication
  3. Organization
  4. Leadership
  5. Willingness to Learn

I am very curious about the world around me, which keeps me interested in always absorbing information around me. This has allowed me to succeed in the classroom and in regular life.

I am very appreciative for what I have and what I have earned, I think a lot of this comes from the fact that I take pride in what I have done, and I am not embarrassed of what I have done.

Being an engineer, I have to be creative and this has always been one of my strong suit in life, as I always offer a new outlook on a problem, which is something that is appreciated wherever you go.

I am very cautious, which is one reason I always make my judgements after reviewing all my possibilities. Being this cautious allows me to make decisions that I won’t want to regret.

Because I am creative and am able to think of interesting ways to solve a problem, I have the ability to offer a new perspective to a problem, which a skill that is necessary for the future. This skill of offering new ideas will be especially attractive in jobs, as this will be critical in my future as a computer engineer.