Ecybermission State Champions

In 7th grade, a group composed of myself and two of my peers entered a state wide science competition known as ecybermission. The point of the program was for different age groups to compete to do the best research pertaining to relevantly influencing society in a positive way. Even though our team only received an honorable mention at the region wide level of the competition, we received the first place award in the state of Ohio. Our group researched the different conditions under which a biodegradable plastic, PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates), biodegraded and at what rate. This research done to test the viability of PHA in producing medical equipment in order to minimize waste pertaining to disposable tools like gloves, syringes, blood bags, and other single use waste.

The first semester and who I am now

This first semester has been some of the greatest time of my life. The independence and responsibility has been a challenge, but without the opportunity to be challenged the opportunity to improve doesn’t exist. Getting involved in the pre-med club to get some front row insight on what is waiting for me if med school is my next step, and joining the boxing club got me involved on campus while also improving myself preparedness for the time demands of a full life. My classes have challenged me in ways I didn’t expect, and have made me much more apprehensive on taking my education seriously. However another important program affecting my experience so far has been the Biological Sciences scholars, and the work they do for students and the campus as a whole. Prioritizing our education while also exposing us to help for growing our career in school and as a part of the scientific community. In addition to all these great things, the scholars program has given me the ability to make some of the most influential friendships that I have ever made, and hope to continue to build as we continue to grow and study.


I am very interested in studying abroad at least once during my academic career, as I’m not only interested in travel but the general culture and history of several European an Latin-american countries. The most notable of which being Spain and Italy, both of which I would love to study at for a summer semester and am openly seeking opportunities to do such. The most enticing opportunity currently is an option to study at the biological sciences college in Spain, which focused on research and development. However with such a thriving campus, my interests here match my interests abroad and over seas.

As a student with a string interest in pursuing a future in scientific, medical, and technical fields, research is something I’m very excited about. With such a wide berth of research opportunities available at OSU, it is hard to pin down one lab to do research in. Being interested in a future career in nanotechnology, my current goal is to get into a research situation that has something to do with the development, design, or implementation of nanotechnology. Hopefully these will enrich my current academic career and curriculum.  As as BME major with a heavy interest in nanotechnology, I am sure that increasingly advanced math, biology, chemistry, and branches of computer technology are definitely in my future.

As a affluent scholar, it is hard not to act as a leader in a traditional learning environment, and I always offer my assistance to others in their studies when I am able. With my multiple clubs, the list of which will evolve as I become a more established student and individual, will offer leadership roles as my position in those organizations becomes more instated. While I have yet to partake in any service activities yet, I am excited to become more involved and influential in my community as opportunities to give back continue to present themselves. With the scholars organization’s I am currently enrolled in help, I am sure more than my fair share of service opportunities will be under my belt by the time I become a functional member of the working world.


Timothy Kalmar


225 Beech Trail Court

Powell, Ohio 43065



Earn a Biomedical Engineering Internship or co-op opportunity for May 2017; open to being relocated.


The Ohio State University

Olentangy Liberty 2017 graduate

Work Experience

Director of Activities, June 2016-17 Otterbein Summer Strings Camp

-Event setup and teardown

-Activity organizer and operator

-File and organize health and general paperwork  

Branch Manager, May 2017-August 2017 Vector Marketing  

-Leases and maintained office space

-Advertise job opportunities and generate local interest

-Conduct training seminars and interviews

-Develop an effective team with consistent productivity

Sales representative, July 2016-May 2017  Vector Marketing

-Worked as assistant manager, helping host team meetings and running the offices

-Ran interviews, privy to the parameters that qualify an effective employee

-Team organizer, handled representative accountability


Previous research experience, submitted an entry in and won a statewide scientific innovation competition. Devotion and time commitment.

Certified manager, experienced at team leading and project management. Takes time commitment and organization. Also strong interpersonal skills and public speaking.

Honors and Activities

Graduate with honors and the presidential award

Spanish honors society

National honors society

Biological Science scholars


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About Me

My name is Timothy Kalmar, and I am a new student at the Ohio State university studying Biomedical Engineering. Being innately partial to math, sciences, and medicine, biomedical engineering was the natural choice because it encompassed all of the subjects I found interesting. My current goal is to enter graduate school for nanotechnology after receiving my undergraduate degree in Biomedical engineering. But when I’m not busy with my studies, I am a huge fan of exercise and managing my nutrition, as well as offering advise to others on the topic. I am currently participating in the boxing club and Pre-med club; boxing being an unwind and fitness outlet, while Pre-med club is something that I’m using to help gauge whether or not medical school would be an option that I would like to peruse in addition to graduate school. I’m sure that the ample opportunities for involvement and development available at the Ohio State University will help me in securing a better idea of what the next step in my academic and eventual working career will look like.